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I began taking photographs at a young age sometime in the mid 1960s, starting my journey with the fold-out Zeiss Super Ikonta that you see in the photo above. My dependable first camera dates from about 1950 and uses 120 roll film with negatives in the medium format size of 6x9 cm. She is still functional but like Tin Man in need of oil now and again, and the age of digital imaging has relegated her to a place of honor in my studio. There she sits pondering her future while I forsake her for a newer, sleeker, more capable and younger companion.

My photographic vision mirrors my approach to life in general - I do whatever it takes to get interesting and unusual images regardless of the setting or conditions, and often I am able to see things in ways that others do not. Many times those images reveal themselves to me when lying on the ground, climbing a ladder, or tilting the camera at an uncommon angle.

My preference is to use ambient light whenever possible, but with judicious use of strobes and reflector screens, most locations and settings can be easily accommodated.

I specialize in Portraits ----- Individuals, Family Groups, Senior/Graduations, Engagements, Corporate ----- and Events such as Corporate and Private Parties, Speaking Engagements, Sports, Construction Project Timelines, and Air Shows.

A particular passion of mine is to photograph aircraft and air shows. I love to fly, and I tend to impose my love of airplanes and flying on most everybody I meet!

Images in the Aircraft and Art & Nature galleries are available for purchase as prints or digital downloads. Metal and Canvas prints make particularly attractive gifts! And of course, other items such as cards, mugs, calendars and so on are also available for purchase.

Please note that all images on this site are owned by me and copyright-protected by law. Please respect that by paying the small fee for either a Personal or Commercial License for downloaded file(s).

To discuss your needs and to book a session, call 303.881.3315 or email mike@mstraka.com

Thank you,

Mike Straka

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